Alex Parry is currently performing in Burke and Hare at The Jermyn Street Theatre.

The Guardian:

The whole point is that there are just three actors – two men and a woman – who play everyone from Burke and Hare to the multiple murder victims and the corpse-hungry Scottish medicos. You could say the show is all about splitting Hares since Alex Parry is one moment the lugubrious killer and the next a foppish traveller or a destitute beggar.

The Stage:
The hard-working cast members flit rapidly between costumes and outrageous accents, playing the villainous Irishmen of the title, rival physicians, the doomed residents of Hare’s lodging house and a host of other characters. Hayden Wood’s slightly daffy Burke contrasts with his portrayal of the coolly calculating Dr Knox, and Katy Daghorn transforms effortlessly from Dr Monro to the scheming Mrs Hare. While everyone gets to play besotted anatomy student Frederick, who can’t pronounce his Rs, Alex Parry delivers a tour de force as every member of the extended family of Burke’s fiancee.

Keep up the awesome work, Alex!