Rowena Lennon is currently working with 1927 Productions Limited on their show The Animals and Children Took To The Streets. The show has had great reviews and is being widely applauded by its audiences.

Teen on The Scene writes:

“The show was performed by three fantastic actresses. Felicity Sparks played the piano as a range of different characters, Genevieve Dunne played the most dramatic characters of the sweet and fragile mother and the rebellious and damaged child brilliantly but Rowena Lennon was the standout – Lennon played fantastically as both the downtrodden caretaker and the wily shopkeeper so much so that I had completely forget that it was the same actor playing the two juxtaposing characters.”

Broadway World UK says:

“It’s a testament to the onstage trio that each role is captivating and entertaining in its own right. The old-school style means that we can focus on the character rather than the actor beneath the make-up; it feels less like a performance on stage by actors, and more like an almost black-and-white film, or illustrations brought to life.

Genevieve Dunne, Felicity Sparks and Rowena Lennon morph from disgruntled spinsters in the Bayou Mansions, into the Caretaker, Agnes and Mrs Villicar with ease. They give the impression that there are at least twice the number of cast members than we actually see on stage.”

Well done, Rowena!