Rowena Lennon is currently featuring in Animals and Children Took to the Streets at Manchester’s HOME until the 16th of February. We are delighted to see that the show, and Rowena in particular, have garnered positive reviews all round:

“Genevieve Dunne switches between the roles of prim idealist Agnes Eaves and adolescent firebrand Zelda, imbuing each role with its own distinct character. Felicity Sparks energetically accompanies the action on the piano, peering out of a window variously in the guise of tenant, predatory lawyer and ice cream seller to sing out a commentary. But it is Rowena Lennon’s versatile performance that really impresses – transforming (almost instantaneously) from Bayou tenant to caretaker to Zelda’s junk shop-proprietor mother, Lennon’s quick changes of costume and location almost defy the senses.”

Full review by Hannah Kate: