We are beyond proud of our client Talisa Garcia who plays Kim Vogel in BBC One’s ‘Baptiste’. In recent days she has gone from our inspiration here at Regan Management to the world’s. Her performance in the new crime thriller as Kim Vogel, owner of an Amsterdam Cafe who also helps women working in the sex industry gain independence and safety, has captured the attention of the press world-wide.

In an interview with The Sun, Talisa stated, “With transgender characters it has always been the same — the 6ft tall builder with a wig tilted to the side. Thankfully we’ve moved on.” With ‘Baptiste’, Talisa has proven that being transgender doesn’t have to be within these stereotypes; playing an ambitious, sophisticated, and beautiful woman. Talisa captivated thousands of viewers in last Sunday’s first episode. Her performance was subtle yet refined and left a lasting impression with viewers.

Talisa is a phenomenal actress who deserves to enjoy every moment of her success. Her hard work and dedication prove why she is such an incredible role model for young people and adults alike. Her role in ‘Baptiste’ is a firm step in the right direction, and we couldn’t be prouder to know and represent Talisa – an actress who proves why acting can be so important. Her talent is certain to shine following ‘Baptiste’, and we can not wait. The latest episode of Baptiste can be viewed in the link below.

Watch Baptiste here.

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